I/O iCs
I/O iCs

iC-Haus' I/O iCs provide interfacing to industrial sensors and control systems, supporting e.g. SSI, BiSS and IO-Link.


iC-Haus I/O Circuit iCs:

show iC-GD Universal IO-Interface
show iC-GF IO-Link Transceiver for IO-Link Slaves
show iC-GFP IO-Link Slave Transceiver
show iC-JRX 2x4 Bidirectional 24 V High-Side Driver with μC Interface
show iC-JX 4x4 Bidirectional 24 V High-Side Driver with Load Diagnosis and μC Interface
show iC-MD 48-Bit Quadrature Counter with RS422 Receiver and SPI/BiSS Interface

iC-Haus BiSS interface iCs:

show iC-BL BiSS Line Interface Master/Slave with RS485 Transceiver - (new)
show iC-MB3 BiSS Interface Master, 1 channel/3 slaves, SPI/parallel host interface
show iC-MB4 BiSS Interface Master, 2 channel, 8 slaves, RS-422 transceiver, dual SPI
show iC-MCB SPI-to-BiSS bridge with RS-422 transceiver
show iC-MCW BiSS Watchdog for RS422 with SPI

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