Encoder Tools and Adapters

iC-Haus' Encoder Tools and Adapters provide easy access to configuration parameters and sensor data of our iCs and provide valuable measurement equipment for encoder applications.

The tools facilitate evaluation process as well as measurement procedures, with properties seldom found in traditional equipments.

Our encoder tools also help during the production stage, with specialized software that automate configuration, calibration and testing, all while logging all necessary information about each produced encoder.



show BL1U BiSS Line-to-PC Adapter (USB)
show iC334 BiSS-D-SUB Connection Adapter with Clamp Terminal
show iC384 SPI / I2C to USB adapter
show MB3U-I2C BiSS (SSI) and I2C-to-PC Adapter (USB)
show MB5U High Performance Galvanic Isolated BiSS (SSI)-to-PC Adapter (USB)

Encoder Tools:

show ECW Encoder Production Utility
show SinCosYzer 2 Encoder Signal Analysis With Graphical Visualization

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