Relay Driver iCs
Relay and FET Driver iCs

Designed to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for precisely driving high power loads in applications such as motor control, lighting, automation, and automotive.

The Relay/Solenoid Drivers can reduce the power dissipation in e.g. relays and magnetic valves by 50%. they are designed specifically for inductive loads, and match the behaviour of relays, controlling the current during switching and during stable state.

The FET drivers have multiple channels with level shifting and a fail-safe logic, and are suitable for PLCs and ECUs logic level FET output stages.


iC-Haus Relay / Solenoid Driver iCs:

show iC-GE PWM Relay/Solenoid Driver for a Wide Operating Voltage Range (1 A)
show iC-GE100 PWM Relay/Solenoid Driver (100 mA)

iC-Haus FET Driver iCs:

show iC-MFL 8-Fold Fail-Safe Logic N-FET Driver

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