Power Management iCs
Power Management iCs

iC-Haus' Power Management iCs provide flexible autarky power supply solutions for industrial and automotive applications from a wide supply voltage range.

These iCs offer a wide functionality in a small footprint, being ideal for compact solutions. The switched-mode supply and linear regulator integrated in the same silicon provide stable supply voltages with high efficiency in comparison to traditional solutions. Dual independent outputs are ideal for separated digital and analog voltage supplies, reducing interference and allowing different supply voltages from one single iC.


iC-Haus Power Management iCs:

show iC-DC Programmable Dual 2.5/3.3/5 V Buck/Boost SMPS
show iC-WD Switched-Mode Dual 5 V Regulator for 8 V to 36 V
show iC-WDA Switched-Mode Dual 3.3 V Regulator for 8 V to 36 V
show iC-WDB Switched-Mode 3.3 V (200 mA) and 5 V Regulators for 8 V to 36 V
show iC-WDC Switched-Mode 3.3 V and 5 V (200 mA) Regulators for 8 V to 36 V

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