Optical Encoder iCs
Optical Encoder iCs
Optical Encoder

The Optical Encoder iCs utilize active photodiode arrays for incremental and absolute optical encoders.

The Optical Encoder portfolio ranges from simple photodiode arrays up to highly integrated System-On-Chip iCs, combining into one chip: opto sensors, signal conditioning and processing circuits, interpolation, parallel or serial interfaces, multiturn interfaces, controlled LED driver and other functions.

Standard code discs and reticles (when necessary) are also available for different resolution and size possibilities. Phased-Array technology products are also available, which do not require reticles on the chip.


iC-Haus Optical Encoder iCs:

show iC-LGC 21-Bit Optical Position Encoder with Serial/Parallel and Sin/Cos Output - BiSS-C
show iC-LNB 18-Bit Optical Encoder with SPI and Serial/Parallel and FlexCount® Outputs
show iC-LNG 16-Bit Optical Encoder with SPI and Serial/Parallel Outputs
show iC-LSB 8-Channel Active Photosensor Array
show iC-LSC 12-Channel Active Photosensor Array
show iC-LSHB Incremental Photosensor Array
show iC-LSHC 3-Channel Sin/Cos Photosensor Array
show iC-LTA 6-Channel Incremental Opto Encoder
show iC-LV 5-Bit Optical Encoder with Cascadable Serial Interface (SSI)
show iC-OF 3-Bit Optical Encoder
show iC-OG 8-Bit Differential Scanning Optical Encoder with LED Control
show iC-PD3948 5-Channel Phased Array Sine Encoder (diameter 39 mm, 2048 PPR)
show iC-PG Miniature Reflective Optical Absolute Encoder
show iC-PN Series Phased Array Nonius Encoder
show iC-PNE Series Octal Nonius Phased Array Encoders - (preliminary)
show iC-PNH Series Phased Array Nonius Encoder
show iC-PR Series EncoderBlue® Reflective Optical Encoders
show iC-PT Series 6-Channel Phased Array Opto Encoder IC Series
show iC-PT H-Series 6-Channel Phased Array Opto Encoder IC Series
show iC-PX Series Reflective Opto Encoders
show iC-PXL3212 Optical Reflective 2-Channel Digital/Analog Encoder
show iC-PZ Series High-Resolution Optical Reflective Absolute Encoder
show iC-RB Series High Resolution Optical Safety Encoder
show iC-RZ Series Optical Twin-Scan Encoder IC with Safety Channel
show iC-WG 14-Bit Differential Scanning Optical Encoder IC

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