iC-Haus' Tools provide easy access to configuration parameters and sensor data of our iCs and provide valuable measurement equipment for analyses and setup purposes in many applications.

The tools facilitate evaluation process as well as measurement procedures, with properties seldom found in traditional equipments. The measurement tools and the BiSS adapters come with their own software, allowing a faster use.



show BL1U BiSS Line-to-PC Adapter (USB)
show iC334 BiSS-D-SUB Connection Adapter with Clamp Terminal
show MB3U BiSS (SSI)-to-PC Adapter (USB)
show MB3U-I2C BiSS (SSI) and I2C-to-PC Adapter (USB)
show MB4U High Performance BiSS (SSI) to PC-USB Adapter
show MB5U High Performance Galvanic Isolated BiSS (SSI)-to-PC Adapter (USB)

Laser Tools:

show iC149 ns-Pulse Generator for Fast Laser Diode Drivers
show iC212 High-Speed Photoreceiver with Si-PIN Photodiode
show iC212NIR High-Speed Photoreceiver with InGaAs Photodiode
show iC213 Programmable Oscillator Module (40 kHz to 1.4 GHz)
show iC227 11 GHz Sampling Oscilloscope
show iC245 Pulse-Width Modifier (250 ps to 10 ns in steps of 40 ps)

Encoder Tools:

show ECW Encoder Production Utility
show SinCosYzer 2 Encoder Signal Analysis With Graphical Visualization

Encoder Evaluation Boards:

show MHM4M On-Axis Battery-Buffered Hall Multiturn Encoder Evaluation Board
show MU1C Off-Axis Motor Feedback Module
show MU3C Battery-Buffered Hall Multiturn Encoder Evaluation Board
show PV1M Evaluation Board iC-PV / iC-MHM
show PVL3M iC-PVL Evaluation Board with On-Axis AMR Angle Sensor
show PVL4M iC-PVL Evaluation Board with On-Axis TMR Angle Sensor

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